Shipping Info


Order Processing

Orders are processed from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday to Saturday. Because the inventory system of Natasha is not live online yet, we still have to confirm to you via chat, email or text message the availability of the stocks you ordered within 24-48 hours from the time we received your order. It is only then that we will be able to inform you the corresponding shipping cost involved.

Stocks Availability

Please send us your payment within 24-48 hours from the time we confirm availability of stocks. Stocks are being reserved for you for that period. After the 48-hour holding period, we revert back the reserved inventory to the general inventory so it can made available to those who are interested in ordering the same models you have. We can only hold inventories for a longer period if payment has been made although shipment will be made later. If for some reason, the 48-hour holding period lapsed and you still want to proceed with the order, we have to check again the availability of stocks.

New stocks arrive every Wednesday and Saturday. Out-of-stock items may be replenished on these days. However, some items may remain out-of-stock as they are still in production.


It is important that you include “alternative products to order or substitute” in the “Order Notes” during the checkout process, so it would be easier for us to process your order in case some items are out-of-stock. However, if you really want to wait for out-of-stock items to be in-stock and ship together with your other orders that are in stock, we suggest that you pay for the stocks that were in stock so we can hold it longer. “Hot” selling items are difficult to hold longer. Or, you may pay us in advance for the total order including the out-of-stock items together with the corresponding total shipping cost, so we can wait longer. As soon as the out-of-stock items arrived, we will ship your order immediately. You will be informed when we ship your order. If the out-of-stock remained out-of-stock for a long time and you decide to ship only what are in stock or change them to other items, then your excess payment will be given back to you in the form of a Gift Voucher/Discount Coupon which you can use in your next purchase as a deduction to your total payable to us. Excess payments are normally small in value so it would be impractical to send refunds for small amounts.

Delivery Times

From date of confirmation of your payment, please allow us within 3-5 days to ship your order. However, there are cases that we ship orders on the same day the payment is confirmed.  Depending on the courier company and the destination address, you will have an idea when the package will arrive at your intended recipient. It is then your responsibility to coordinate with your recipient about the incoming package to ensure that he/she will be present to accept the package. In cases, that the delivery address of your recipient belongs to the ODA (Out of Delivery Area), the recipient will have to pick up the package at the nearest office of the courier used.

Problems with Delivery that cause delay or non-delivery

  1. Fortuitous events like storms, earthquakes, flood, and landslides and other natural calamities;
  2. Man-made disaster beyond the control of the courier company such as traffic accidents, strike, war, rebellion, civil commotion, among others;
  3. Incomplete or wrong address;
  4. House is closed, nobody to receive the package.

To avoid problems with delivery, it is important that you inform your recipient about the incoming package, the expected date of arrival, the tracking number and the name of the courier company so that the recipient himself/herself can make follow-up with the courier company. Do not forget also to include in the “Order Notes” the cellphone number and the best time to contact your recipient. In this way, if a disaster happens whether fortuitous or man-made or house is closed and there is nobody to receive the package or the address is wrong, your recipient and the courier company can coordinate with each other for an appointed delivery at a later date.

Estimating Shipping Cost

You can have an idea of the estimated shipping cost during checkout.  The shipping cost is calculated there. However, there may be cases when actual shipping cost may be adjusted due to replacements being made in the order.

For Philippine Destinations – Packages:

Couriers:  We use LBC, JRS Express, AP Cargo and Philpost Domestic Express Mail Delivery whichever is applicable.

Delivery time : 24-48 hours door-to-door delivery.  For ODA (Out of Delivery Area), beneficiary may be asked to pick-up the package at the nearest office of the courier company.

For International Destinations – Packages:

1) Philpost International Air Parcel Rates

Delivery time : 14 – 21 days depending on destination

Cheapest Shipping Method for International Destinations although much longer delivery period

For International Destinations – Volume Orders 50kg+

1) Airport-to-Airport – Rate is between $3.00 – $5.00 per kilo. Make sure you have the proper business permits to avoid problems with customs.

Delivery Time: 7 – 10 days depending on destination including the processing period for Export Clearance