Kung Saan May Pinoy, May Natasha Natasha is a leading direct selling company in the Philippines. Its main product lines are shoes, apparel and personal care. In recent years, the company succeeded in building sales network all over the world because of the growing number of Filipinos going abroad to work. We are proud to say that our products have been found to be of good quality wherever they have been sold. We are going global. Currently Natasha products are sold in the following countries: Australia, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Brunei, Germany, Hongkong, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macau, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saipan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, USA There are two basic earning opportunities: Selling The first earning opportunity is in the selling of Natasha products. You will get a 22% basic discount. When you received your orders, you will only pay the net price (gross price less 22% basic discount). The 22 % discount will be your profit. Networking Networking is the bigger earning opportunity. The more recruits you have, the bigger your network will become. Your earning will grow with your network. At Natasha, dreams come true. You just have to work hard at selling and recruiting. Always keep the Core Values of Natasha at heart. 1.       Customer Service 2.       Discipline 3.       Constant Improvement 4.       Respect for Each Other 5.       Honesty These are the principles of Natasha in dealing with Members, and these should also serve as your principles in dealing with your customers. We have two levels in our marketing plan, Fashion Pros and Members. This is an example of a typical Natasha network. At the upper level is the Fashion Pro and the Members are the downlines. Earning Opportunities Of Members

  1. 22% Basic Discount
  2. Rebates on Gross Direct Group Sales

You can qualify for rebates through your gross direct group sales. Your own sales and the sales of your direct recruits who have not yet qualified for rebates are included in your gross direct group sales. Always remember that,  if your own direct recruits have qualified for rebates, their sales are no longer included in your gross direct group sales. To qualify for rebates, you should have Php 10,000, gross direct group sales in one calendar month. For example, if your gross direct group sales in January are Php 10,000, January will be your qualification month. Then your rebates on gross direct group sales will start with your February sales.

Gross Direct Group Sales   
Percentage Rebates
Php 5,000 – Ph 9,999
2 %
Php 10, 000 and up

If your gross direct group sales reach Php 10,000, your rebates will be Php 300. To continuously enjoy rebates on your gross direct group sales after your qualification month, you gross group sales must be at least P5,000.00 for the given month. Recruitment Incentive If you have at least 2 recruits in one calendar month, you will receive a Php 150 recruitment incentive per recruit. Promotion From Member To Fashion Pro

  • Gross group sales are the basis of your promotion. Nothing else! The sales of your Member downlines up to unlimited generations are included in your gross group sales.

No quota on recruits. No need for dummies! The best way to be promoted is to recruit. The more recruits you have, the faster your promotions.

  • Promotions at Natasha are for life. No demotions!
  • Once you have been promoted, all your Member downlines will join you in your new group.
  • Promotion is automatic. No need to apply for it.

Different Fashion Pros

  1. Fashion Pro 1 : Php 60, 000 gross group sales in 2 calendar months.
  2. Fashion Pro 2 : Php 100,000 gross group sales in 2 calendar months.
  • Promotion is not necessarily step-by-step. You can be promoted from Member to Fashion Pro 2 directly.
  • All Fashion Pros are of the same level. A Fashion Pro 1 is not a downline of a Fashion Pro 2. The benefits of a Fashion Pro 2 are just more than that of a Fashion Pro 1.

Earning Opportunities of  Fashion Pros 1.       Basic Discount of 22% 2.       Rebates Based on Gross Group Sales

Gross Group Sales  
Fashion Pro 1
Fashion Pro 2
Php 5,000 – 9,999
7.5 %
7.5 %
Php 10, 000 – 14,999
10.0 %
10.0 %
Php 15,000 – 19,999
10.0 %
12.5 %
Php 20,000 – and up
10.0 %
15.0 %

Lifetime 2 % Commission on 2 Levels of Fashion Pro Downlines You have a lifetime 2% commission on gross group sales of your direct recruits who have been promoted to Fashion Pros. You also have a lifetime 2% commission on the gross group sales up to the second level Fashion Pro. You only need to have at least  Php 5,000 gross group sales to receive the lifetime 2 % on both levels . Recruitment Incentives Same as with Members. Walk- in Pot Walk-in Pot is based on:

  • Recruitment incentives for Members without recruiters.
  • 15 % rebate of sales on all Members without recruiters.
  • Lifetime 2 % (2X) on gross group sales of a Fashion Pros without recruiters.

The walk-in pot of all qualifiers is divided among the qualifiers for the month. To qualify, you need 150,000 points (1 point for every 1 peso gross group sales of a Fashion Pro, 2 points for every 1 peso gross individual sales, 1,000 points for every recruit).

How to become a Member

If you are a resident of the Philippines, membership is easy thru Where ever you are located in the Philippines, you can be a member and be able to sell Natasha products to your friends and associates. You don’t need to be located near the twenty four (24) Natasha Branches nationwide. We will deliver your orders door-to-door to the address you specified regardless of amount. Pls. see details above on “How to be a Natasha Member thru If you are located outside the Philippines, there is no problem. Membership is still as easy as if you are located within the Philippines. Whereever you are located in the world, you can be a member and be able to sell Natasha products to your friends and associates. You don’t need to be located near the twenty-three (23) International Service Centers of Natasha worldwide. We will deliver your orders door-to-door to the address you specified regardless of amount. Pls. see details above on “How to be A Natasha Member thru” All your orders are being recorded in the website under your account and communications are done via email and text message. It is not necessary that you should have a representative here in the Philippines to facilitate your order. We will facilitate everything for you – from ordering to shipping the orders to you. See “About Us”  for the list of Local Branches/Service Centers (24) and International Service Centers (23): For those non-residents of the Philippines who are interested to become “International Service Centers of Natasha”, pls. register as a member in and order sample products. In this way, you get to see the products personally, have a feel of the delivery time from the Philippines to your place, as well as be exposed to the customs procedures and duties that your orders may be subjected to.


Please take note of the following guidelines when applying as International Service Center:

Qualifications: Open a membership account with  During the promo period, you must have at least P2,000,000.00 worth of paid-in products delivered to your country of application within 3 months.


  • Renovation Allowance of P100,000.00
  • Optional Interest Free Loan of P150,000.00 payable in 10 months
  • Pioneer Bonus of P100,000.00 if you are the first service center in your country.

Requirement: You must have the proper business licenses and permits to operate as a service center in your country where you are actively trading to avail of the above benefits.


You can set your own prices. Our prices are always in Philippine pesos and ex-Manila.  It is up to you to set your own prices in such a way that you can recover your freights and import tax expenses.

Commission and Rebate Payments

Your purchases at as member are net of the basic discount of 22%.  However, your rebates will be paid to you separately at the date designated by Natasha as the check will come directly from Natasha. We can have the rebate check deposited at your bank account of choice via Telegraphic Transfer if you are located abroad or via direct bank deposit if you are located within the Philippines, net of bank charges or you may opt to have your rebates be used as payment for your next order. If a Member based overseas, purchases products worth P500,000.00 gross and above, then the discount will be huge.  Pls. email us at to obtain your volume discount.


Recruitment is easy. Email us the scanned copies of the registration forms of your recruits with (2) 1×1 ID pictures, copy of 2 Valid IDs at  The registration fee can be added to your payment of products for your convenience. Make sure that your Member number and your name are correctly written on the registration form as a recruiter.