1.    Create An Account

It’s easy to Create an account with, and it costs nothing.  Just follow these steps:

1.      Click Create an Account or click “My Account” at the top of the page.
2.      Enter the required information
3.      Create a password and confirm it.
4.      Click “Continue,” and you’re done.   A welcome message will be sent to your email.

Creating an account provides these benefits:

Order Status

You’ll receive email confirmations when your items are shipped, as well as email notifications in case our Customer Service needs to contact you about your order.

Order History

Keep a record of all your orders with us

Wish List

Keep a record of items you like to purchase in the future or wished to have which you can send via email to your friends and family.

Download the latest catalog

Download first the latest catalog in the link provided for in the homepage. It is recommended that you browse first the catalog before making a purchase. The catalog will show you the products that are currently available and in production. Most often if the product is not in the current catalog, it means that the production of such model had been ceased.  However, you may still order the product as some stocks still remain in the various service centers.

2.   Choose which product you want to buy

Take note of the products you want to buy as you browse through the catalog or browse our site.  You can browse our catalog and then search for the product in the website by typing the product name or keyword in the Search box located in the right uppermost side of the header. Press “Enter” key and the search results will display.

3.   Chat with us to confirm stock availability esp. if you want to pay via Paypal

Our inventory system is not live yet.  Please chat with us to confirm availability especially on items marked “out-of-stock”.  A lot of items marked “out-of-stock” are actually “in stock” as new inventories may have arrived and not yet entered into the system.  If you want to pay via Paypal, please chat with us so that you are assured that stocks are available when Paypal automatically processes your payment upon checkout.

4.   Place an order. Add items to your cart

Click on the product you want.  Select your options  in size, color, type of scent, among others. Then click  “Add to Cart” button to place the item in the shopping cart.

If you want to remove an item in the shopping cart, just click on the “x” mark beside the product.
If you want to change the quantity of an item, just change quantity in the quantity field and click “Update” button.
If you want to continue shopping, just click the “Continue Shopping” button.
Price  –  The Price of the products default in Philippine pesos (P). If you are an international buyer, you can change the currency of the price to US Dollar ($). Just go to the Currency Converter box in the right sidebar of the website and click US dollar ($). Instantly, all the prices of the products will be displayed in US Dollar ($). Please note that there is a foreign exchange difference between the conversion rate used as compared to the forex market’s daily close. This is done to cover for any possible forex losses due to fluctuations in the forex market.  The US$ prices are for information purpose only.  Our system records in Philippine peso.
Weight – The weight shown in the product listing are in grams.

5.   When you are done shopping, checkout

Click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button in the shopping cart to proceed to details of the checkout.

6.   If you have a coupon code, click “Click here to enter your code

Enter the coupon code in the box provided and click “Apply Coupon”  to effect the adjustment in price.  Natasha members must enter their member discount code here to avail of the basic member discount. Member Discount Codes are non-transferrable. It can only be availed by the authorized member. Availments of these privileges are verified and double-checked so any fraudulent use of Gift Vouchers or Discount/Coupon Codes cannot proceed.

7.   Choose Billing Address

The system defaults your address as the billing address. There is no need to change the billing address as all orders are billed to the one who placed an order.

8.   Choose shipping address

If you want to ship your order to another destination other than your address, change the shipping address by typing the desired shipping address.

9.   Add “Notes” to Order

Please indicate in this field the following information:
1.      Alternative products to order or substitutes – in case some items in your order are out-of-stock
2.      Cellphone number and the best time to contact the recipient
3.      Any special instruction about the order, like having it delivered at a certain date or if the order is meant to be a birthday gift so we  can gift wrap the package.  We offer “FREE” Gift wrapping service on special occasions.
4. Any message to the recipient. We can include a small note card in the package with your message on it.

10.   Choose the shipping/delivery method

Pls. refer to the Shipping Info page for the best delivery method for you.
Based on the items you ordered and the shipping address you indicated during checkout, our system automatically calculates the shipping cost. You may or may not proceed to complete the checkout process if you find the shipping cost too expensive.

11.   Choose Payment Method

Please refer to the “Payment Options” page for the different payment methods available. You are given 24-48 hours from the time you place your order to send your payment to us so that the inventory reserved for you as per your order will not be reverted back to the general inventory. After you have made your payment, please do not forget to send us an email or text message indicating your payment details so that we can confirm your payment and proceed shipment of your order immediately.

12.   Checkout

When you don’t want to edit anything in your order and you’re done shopping, click “Place Your Order” button to finally checkout.

13.   Order Receive Summary displayed

After you click “Place Your Order” button, the “Order Received” Summary displays.

14.   Order Confirmation Sent to Email

An email confirmation with details about your order and payment instructions will be sent to your email address.

15.   Availability of Stocks Confirmed and Shipping Cost relayed within 24-48 hours

Within 24-48 hours after we received your order, we will confirm to you the availability of the stocks you ordered with the corresponding shipping cost involved. We will inform you if substitution is going to be made based on the “alternative items to order or substitute” you indicated in the “Order Notes”.

16.   Payment of Order within 24 -48 hours

Once we have relayed to you the availability of stocks you ordered as well as the shipping cost involved, you have to send your payment to us within 24-48 hours using the payment method you choose. Otherwise, we will revert back the reserved inventory for you to the general inventory so that it can be made available to those who want to order the same model you ordered. After you made your payment, please send us an email immediately indicating your payment details. Your account status will be updated once we received your payment. You will receive an email regarding the update in status of your order.  Please refer to “Payment Info” page for details.

17.  Shipping of the Goods

Once we have confirmed your payment, we will ship your order immediately within the day or the next day using the shipping method and destination address you nominated. You will receive an email when we ship your order.

18.   Tracking Number Relayed

After we shipped your order, we will send to you via email or text message your courier’s tracking number. In this way, you can also monitor for yourself the status of your order.   You can track your order here.

19.   Beneficiary received the goods

An acknowledgement receipt will be signed by the beneficiary when he/she received the package.

20.   Email Confirmation of the Receipt of Goods

You may send us an email to inform us that the beneficiary received the package already.

21.   For problems with delivery, please contact us

You may contact us via email to or via cellphone number 0920-9753230.