US, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, EUROPE, and some countries in MIDDLE EAST and ASIA still has no Service Center. BE THE FIRST ONE TO OPEN.  START YOUR BUSINESS with only P300T investment and GET OUTRIGHT 40% Discount on all your PURCHASES.


  • To start your international service center business, register first as member online.

Email us scanned copies of the following :

  • application form completely filled up with signature in the front page and backpage (download form here)
  • 2×2 colored picture with white background (we will just cut it to 1×1 size)
  • two (2) valid IDs

Read “How to be a Member Online” for details.

  • Once we receive your payment and the scanned copies of your membership forms, we will process your Natasha ID.
  • Once you are registered, we will email you your scanned Natasha ID.
  • Once you are registered, then you can start purchasing the one-time P500T required volume for the outright 40% discount.. But, you pay us only P300T (net of 40% discount). This is your investment for opening your International Service Center.
  • You email us your P500,000 gross amount of order and we will compute the estimated weight for computing the shipping/delivery charges via Airport-to-Airport to your country. More or less, the shipping rate is between $3.00 to $5.00 per kilo plus export clearance processing fee of P5,000 for orders worth less than $2,000.
  • Once we have processed your order and determined the estimated shipping cost, we will email you the total amount you have pay us (cost of product, net of 40% + shipping cost). You send your payment to us in full via Western Union or direct bank deposit to our BDO account. Sorry, we cannot provide credit line to International transactions due to the considerable distance of international Natasha members which makes collection efforts difficult to enforce.
  • After you have purchased the one-time P300T net purchase amount, you will be promoted to Fashion Pro 2 with a special 40% outright discount. All your subsequent purchases after the first P300T investment will be entitled to the outright 40% discount, provided your order is at least P50,000 gross. There is no more rebate since the rebate is advanced to you in the 40% outright discount.
  • There are cases that the estimated shipping cost is a little over than the actual shipping cost. The actual weight is determined at the airport during processing of the export clearance. The excess, usually minimal, can be used to pay for your next order.
  • We process bulk orders for international destination within 3-5days depending on availability of stocks. Shipping via Airport to Airport is 1-2 days from date of shipment.
  • We will be sending you the Packing list once we have shipped your order. We make sure that during the packing, all the items indicated in the packing list as per your order will be shipped to you. Should there be a variance in the actual goods that arrived to you, just inform us so we can check with the one in-charge of packing. However, we cannot be held liable for mishandling due to courier’s/forwarder’s fault. Should your order become voluminous in terms of millions, we advise you to buy insurance for the shipment. We can help facilitate the purchase of the insurance but the insurance cost will be paid by the customer.
  • To encourage international transactions, after the goods have arrived in your country, we will be giving you a freight reimbursement equivalent to 3% on net purchase amount. This freight reimbursement can be used to pay for your next order.
  • Actually, the freight reimbursement is 5% but we retained the 2% to cover for communications expenses and staff salaries in charged of handling international transactions. More time is spent when processing international transactions – from the ordering, to checking of the individual items and packing – as compared to orders directly picked up in the branch. The packing and processing is very detailed because we want to avoid returns esp. that the destination is a foreign country.
  • After your first bulk order, we will set up an online ordering account for you so that you can order real time with Natasha and you can know immediately if the item is available or not. Your orders will be processed in Natasha – Tacloban branch. The branch has less volume of local orders so the branch can very well accommodate the demanding needs of international orders. The goods will come from the main warehouse in Pasig or in Tacloban branch depending on availability.
  • Sending returns to the Philippines is costly. In case of factory defects, pls. inform us within one week after the arrival of the goods and send us the pictures of the defects. Depending on the volume of the returns, we may advise you to accumulate them first before sending back to the Philippines to save on shipping cost. Upon arrival of the goods to us, we will inspect them and if it’s confirmed factory defect, then the amount you paid for with Natasha for the said returned items will be used to offset with your next order.
  • To avoid problems with customs, make sure you have the proper business permit.


If you want to be the exclusive sole distributor in your country, the required volume is P20,000,000 in one year. If you meet the requirement, Natasha will consider you a Natasha branch and all queries and stocks processing for dealers located in your country will be forwarded to you for servicing.

For further questions and concerns, just send us an email at