Membership is available to anybody, ages 16 to 65 years old, who wants to sell Natasha products. One member per household is allowed. If the wife is already a member, the husband cannot become a member. The husband and wife is treated as one entity.

If you are not yet a member of Natasha Philippines, you can be a member thru by:

1.   Ordering the “Membership Kit” in the Member’s Area Category.

2.   Send to us via email at the scanned copies of you of the following as attachments:

  • application form completely filled up (download application form here)
  • 2×2 colored picture with white background (we will just cut it to 1×1 size),
  • two (2) valid IDs, and a
  • scanned copy or screen capture of the proof of payment of your application fee

Pls. indicate in the Subject heading of your email “Order No. ___ (Application Forms of       your name      .)”

NOTE:  Please note that we will mail the kit to you only when your Membership ID is ready for release which usually takes sometime to process.  So, please wait for a few weeks before we ship your kit.  If we receive the kit sooner, then we will mail it to you immediately.  You may email us at to check on status of your application.

Benefits of Being a Natasha Member thru

1.   Convenient Ordering. You enjoy the convenience of online ordering.  You can make your order anytime anywhere in full graphics.

2.   Email and Text Message Order Confirmation and Status Updates. You get confirmation of your order as well as updates/status of your order not only via email but also via text message thru our Customer Service Text Hotline.

3.   Orders History Record. You get to keep a record of your orders history when you login to your account in the website.

4.   Wider Customer Base for you. You can now accept orders from your customers not within your delivery area.  You will be relieved of the effort of delivering personally the goods to your customers door-to-door.  We can deliver the products for you to your customers.  When you place an order for your customer, just change the “Delivery Address” to your customer’s address when you checkout and the products will be delivered directly to your customers.  It is up for you to charge your customers the courier/delivery cost so that you can recover the delivery cost you paid to us.  Just inform us that the order is for your customer so we can change the seller under your name instead of our company.

5.   Wishlist. You get to keep a record of your wishlists in “My Wishlist” section. This section is a convenient way for you to save a reminder of an item you would like to purchase later, or an item that is not currently in stock.  You can also send your Wishlist to friends and family during special occasions and hopefully they will buy something for you. You must Log In before you can use your wish list.

6.   Orders delivered to your doorstep regardless of amount. The Service Center delivers orders to your doorstep only when your order amounts to P30,000 net. But if you purchase thru, your orders will be delivered to your doorstep regardless of amount. Of course, you have to pay for shipping cost.  This service is very helpful and beneficial to those members who are located several towns away from the service center. With this service, you will be relieved of the time, effort and money in going to the Service Center to get your orders. You will be relieved of the time of travel, waiting time to get your orders processed as well as the waiting time for your next trip back home. You will be relieved of the effort of travel and of carrying your heavy orders from the Service Center to the bus or van terminal then to your home/office. Even if you pay delivery charges to us, you are still better off if you put a value to your time spent, all the efforts exerted and hassles endured, the cost of fare back and forth to your home and cost of meals.

7.   Enjoy discounts and privileges of a bonafide Natasha Member (see below). Enjoy 22% Basic Discount on all your purchases, and Rebates on Gross Direct Group Sales (see Membership Guide ).

8.   You can be a Natasha Member/Dealer even if there is no Service Center near your place.  We deliver your orders anywhere in the Philippines or in the world door-to-door regardless of amount. So it is not necessary that you are near the nineteen (24) local Natasha Service Centers or in the 23 International Service Centers. As long as there is a courier company that can deliver packages to you, you can be a Natasha Dealer.

9.   Electronic Catalog is Available for download on Day 1 it is effective. If you are located abroad, you can just download the latest catalog and send via email to your friends so they can order from you. No need to wait for the printed catalog to reach you which usually takes at least a week from the date of catalog effectivity.

10.  You can order printed catalog in advance. Usually, the printed catalog is available for distribution to members at least 1 week before its effectivity date. To avoid being out-of-stock, you can pay us in advance by purchasing the product “Natasha Catalog” in the Member’s Area category in the website for the total number of pieces you want. This way, you can distribute the catalog to your customers in a timely manner. Advance order of catalog must be done at least one (1) month before the effectivity of the catalog so your request will be given priority.

11.  We can facilitate in obtaining documents (order history, payment history, etc.) from Natasha or in submitting documents to Natasha like the Liquidation form or Application forms of your downlines. This service is available only to active members.

The Process of Becoming a Member

1.   Receipt of your Application Form. Upon receipt of your application form and supporting documents, we will submit them to Natasha for approval. Once approved, you will be given a member ID number and an identification card. This is your proof that you are now a bonafide member of Natasha Philippines. Your membership is lifetime.

2.   Delivery of your Kit and Membership Discount Code. Once you are a bonafide member of Natasha Philippines, we will mail to you the Membership Kit together with your Member Discount Coupon Code. This discount code will entitle you a 22% discount on all your purchases at Use this discount code during checkout everytime you shop with us. This Discount Code is non-transferrable. It can only be availed by you, exclusively.