It is very common among Filipinos working or living abroad to send gifts to the Philippines.  It’s their way of keeping the bond with their loved ones, family, friends, and relatives close. It’s a symbolic way of telling the receiver that he/she is being loved and remembered even across the distance.

Sending gifts to the Philippines is a hardwired custom among Overseas Filipinos that’s very difficult to do away without, even in times of economic crisis.  Sending gifts may be less frequent and at budget prices during these times but never without.  Filipinos always find a way to send gifts back home, no matter what.

receivegiftWith the current economic crisis, OFWs are now searching for cheaper and more practical ways of sending gifts to the Philippines, gifts that are more meaningful and lasting.  It used to be that sending flowers or food packages like cakes and lechon are very popular.  Gone are those days. Even sending balikbayan boxes to the Philippines is dwindling.

OFWs are now resorting to Philippine-based online stores that sell goods cheaply. Instead of sending flowers and food packages, they now want to send clothes, shoes, cosmetics and personal care products that are high quality yet affordable. These types of gifts are lasting and all-occasion.

One of the Philippine-based online stores that is getting significant attention by OFWs nowadays is It’s an online store that sells Natasha products via the Internet.  Recently, a lot of OFWs are sending gifts to the Philippines through this store.  Several advantages were noted why OFWs shop at for their gift-giving needs:

  • The prices are cheap.  The prices online are the same in the Philippine catalog.  It’s like you are shopping personally in the Philippines.  A good shirt in US would cost $29.00 while it cost only $7.50 to shop at or $4.00 at clearance sale.
  • It’s cheaper than sending balikbayan boxes and no more waiting for 30-60 days for the box to arrive.  There is no need to pay for international shipping cost since ships orders from their Philippine warehouse.  A three (3) kilo package costs only about $5.00 and arrives at the destination door-to-door the next day.
  • It’s more lasting.  Shoes, clothes, bags or personal care products are more lasting gifts than flowers or food packages.  While flowers express love and warmth, apparels and shoes provides more and continuous warmth each time the gift is seen or worn.
  • The products are for all occasions.  There are back-to-school products fit for gifts to send on the month of June.  The clothes, shoes, personal care and cosmetics are an all-occasion gifts to your loved ones on birthdays, Christmas day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s day, among others.
  • The products are stylish and high quality.  Every two months, new products and new styles are being sold online.   It makes online shopping more exciting with the many options to shop.  A total of 1,207 products are available online.
  • Natasha products are well-loved and very popular in the Philippines.  It is a well- known brand even in the remote areas in the provinces.  So, when OFWs send Natasha gifts, they are assured that their loved ones will appreciate their gifts and will be proud using them.

There are many online gift stores that cater to OFWs but so far, only quotes its buyers, whether an OFW, a foreigner or a local Filipino buyer, the same real “Philippines prices”.  So if you are an OFW, it’s like earning in dollars and spending in pesos.  It’s great savings and indeed, a better way to send gifts to the Philippines.